The Sheller / Crab Mallet

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Do you eat steamed crabs? Do you use a mallet or a knife? Both? What about a cold drink to go along with it? Are you tired of not being able to clean your wooden mallets that keep getting stuck in the drawer? Are you tired of hand washing multiple "tools" after a relaxing evening? Are you looking for the perfect gift for the bride and groom or couple celebrating their anniversary? How about looking for gifts for baskets or bags at an event?

THE SHELLER is the perfect gift for the holiday, wedding and birthday seasons with a laser etched MD flag for a gift they wont forget! The flat design offers a clean hit that cracks crab shells without shattering, and allows easy storage while taking up less space.

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Additional Details:

Handmade Item

FLAT -Easy storage 
STAINLESS STEEL - Dishwasher safe 
MALLET – Crack instead of smash
KNIFE – Safely, Scrape & pick away 
BOTTLE OPENER - Crack open a cold one