American Flag Red Line (Black & White) / Jeep Grill

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Does your All-American Jeep Wrangler feel like it's missing something? Show off your American pride with a full-color OR grey-scale US flag. (You can also make yours a custom grill insert by changing the colors OR adding a Thin Line to represent your local American Heroes! Just specify the changes you'd like to make in a Custom Order.)

Our Jeep Grills are made from a high-quality aluminum metal mesh, and are coated with rust-proof, weather-proof paint. They're unique to other companies because it has an angled webbed design which permits optimum airflow to the radiator!

Install process takes 5 minutes and is very easy! All you need is a flat head screw driver. Simply undo 6 rivets at the top of the grill, slide the insert behind the grill, and then put the 6 rivets back into place and you are done!