University of Maryland. To most people, it’s a huge school—the largest in Maryland—and an old one, founded in 1856. It’s a Big
Ten school, and a place where thousands of students come from all over the state, country and world to learn, play sports, make friends, find career opportunities, go to amazing parties, and make memories that will last a lifetime. And for you, you current students and alumni of U of MD? It’s home. There’s no place you’d rather be!
College is the best time of so many people’s lives. Whether you’re just starting out your journey as a Terp, or you’re a graduate who wants to hold onto some of those great memories, you’ll love our collection of UMD-themed apparel that will let the world know how proud you are of your Maryland school. Any season, any weather, any occasion—yep, we’ve got it.
No college student’s wardrobe is complete without hoodies and sweatshirts, and ours are comfy, versatile, and perfect for Homecoming
visits and college football games. Alumni will love wearing a UMD alum-themed sweatshirt when they come back home to a Terps game! And when the Maryland weather gets chilly and snowy, you’ll need a bright scarf, like our variety of warm, cozy scarves emblazoned with the Maryland colors (take your pick--will yours say "Maryland" or "Terps"?). A warm, UMD-themed ski hat like this fun, colorful pom-pom cap will complete your toasty-warm ensemble and keep your school spirit up even through the coldest winter days.
When things warm up, those warm pieces will go into storage, but we’ve got plenty more Terp gear to keep you cool. Tees, tanks and
baseball caps will keep you looking stylish in red, gold, black and white! Get ready to run, play ball or toss a Frisbee around the U of
MD grounds with our athletic shorts, or go for a dip in the UMD board shorts--we know you look great in red. And we know nothing beats the heat like a cold drink, so keep your beverage too cool for school with our University of Maryland-themed koozies, like the Aztec or waving flag koozies!

This collection even includes a variety of ties, so you can really show off your love for UMD at weddings, formal events and job
interviews (after all, you never know if your interviewer is a fellow University of Maryland alum!). Choose red or black! But when the time comes to change from your formal, classy outfit to something more casual and comfy, you’ve got a variety of casual clothes to choose from, too. Hey, we meant it when we said we had something for any occasion.
So whether you’re still on campus or a U of MD grad who’s living far away, we’ve got plenty of stuff to help you keep your college
experience close to you. After all, once a Terp, always a Terp! Now, all we have to do is figure out how to make an outfit for Testudo…